Can I salt my paving?

Yes, although unnecessary in most cases, salting is fine. Some alternatives are coffee grinds and cat litter. De-icer will affect the rubber paving, they are blue salt rocks with chemicals and might discolour the rubber product in the future.

Will ice build up on it?

Not usually, but if there were existing drainage issues or if you’ve been walking on the snow without clearing it, then there may be icy patches. Also, if it’s been snowing for an entire month and you haven’t shovelled it even once, then there’s a high chance that the bottom layer of snow has been […]

Can I shovel snow off my paving?

Yes, the snow should be easily removed with a plastic shovel. Metal shovels, snow blowers, and snow plows may damage the product. We do have a snow removal program for our clients during the winter contact the operations manager for more detail.

Is the product flammable?

It’s as flammable as landfill tires. Direct contact with flames will set it on fire, especially if you expose the paving to flames while it’s still curing. If you have a fire pit or fireplace, that’s fine as long as the product doesn’t come into contact with the fire. (Burn marks aren’t covered by the […]

When will the smell go away?

It should go away within a few days, a week at most with proper ventilation. If it bothers you, you can try power washing it or Febreeze-ing it. The smell may be more in noticeable where the rubber is exposed to more sunlight.

Why can’t I pay by credit card for the final deposit?

Because the credit card company charges us 2-3% for each transaction. We can process your credit card, but as is written in the terms and agreement on the back of your quote, there will be an additional admin fee—or, rather, you’ll get 2-3% deducted from a more expensive bill for paying cash/cheque since adding surcharges […]