Are you able to patch an area?

Yes we are, rubber is very forgiving and we are able to cut a section of the area out and repave it. Color between old and new will be seen but over time will fade into one and you will not be able to see that section anymore.

How long does the paving take to complete?

Our paving usually takes 2 days unless told differently by our certified estimator. First day would be our prep and power wash getting the area 100% ready for installation. Day two would be the installation of rubber paving. which usually takes anywhere of 4-12 hours depending the size of the project.

Why do you have to grind our keyways?

Grinding keyways makes the installation have no tripping hazards as well as making your rubber resurfacing flush with your carport or entrance of your driveway.

My project’s been installed, but why are there bubbles?

It could be for a number of reasons. It could be that the surface was damp and when it dried out the water evaporated and created a gas under the paving lifting it. Not a big problem, rubber is very forgiving and the bubble could be shaved off or patched leaving no signs of the […]

What colors can be done for a driveway/garage?

Recycled: Only black and charcoal (why? Because the colored binders are softer and don’t hold up well under car traffic and will leave tire marks and oil stains) Hybird: Pebble or Mocha (we recommend darker mixes to ensure less maintenance for our customers, no tire marks or oil stains EPDM: Technically any color but tire […]

Why is EPDM so expensive?

EPDM is made wholly new synthetic rubber that’s been dyed to the core and made just for paving purposes. This is why there’s a larger selection of color and why the color is more durable than our Smart rubber. Also, the binder (polyurethane) used is different from the Smart rubber.

How do you deal with cracks and dips?

Depending on how severe the cracks are. For small cracks, we can use a crack sealer to fill in prior to paving. For larger cracks, we may fill it in with Quikrete(quick settling concrete) Filling in the cracks with a crack filler or Quikrete will help weeds in the future not to grow anymore.

Will anything stain my driveway or patio?

Unfortunately leaves that are left on your surface for a long period of time will tend to stain due to the wet surface and the sun drying it. Some will come off with a power wash but we recommend after a few days just to garden hose the leaves off. Any surface paved with our […]

What can I use to clean the rubber resurfacing?

You can use any degreaser and soap for cleaning, most of our clients just use soap and the garden hose to wash off minor stains. The rubber resurfacing is strong enough for you to power wash, we just recommend not going so close with the power washer hose or a high PSI power washer.¬†Using a […]